Prefab Homes

Prefabricated homebuilding in the US dates back to 1908 when Sears began shipping its home kits to customers by rail.  These homes have outlived many of their contemporaries and are prized for their quality and charm.  


The prefabricated home market today is more advanced and widespread than you might imagine. Large homebuilders today rely on prefab components to consistently beat their competition.  Prefab can be “panelized”, where wall and roof panels are factory built; it can be “modular” where entire modules are factory-built, or it can be “manufactured or mobile”, where basically the entire home comes in one piece. Tiny homes would fit into this last category.

Sheeflee relies on the first two methods:  panelized and modular; however, we have the skills and interest to build tiny homes as well.

Why Prefab?

Computer-aided design and advanced processes make it possible to have truly custom homes constructed largely in the factory.  Now that it is possible to build your dream home as prefab, here are some of the reasons why you would choose this:

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