Raising a house to create a taller basement. 

Would you like to convert your house to an above and below duplex with tall ceilings below?  Consider calling Sheeflee to raise your house and transform a dark basement to a tall and spacious, light-filled area.


Project Profile: 115 Stratford Court, Charlottesville VA

The original ranch house

Our customers purchased a 3 bedroom, one bathroom 1950s single family ranch house on a lot  zoned for duplex.  Most of the neighboring houses are rentals for students, but this house was not inhabitable.  However, it had a new nice roof, windows in good shape and hardwood floors as well as a brick façade.  The basement was dark with a 7’8” maximum ceiling height.

Raising the house

Rather than demolish and rebuild, we raised the house by two feet, and are adding large windows on all sides to create a lofty and sunny 9’8” ceiling apartment. 

The future house

An extension behind the house will contain an extra four bathrooms (2 above and 2 below).  As a result, the formerly one bathroom house has 6 bathrooms in two units!  Click below to see the plans.  We can do something similar for your home.  Or consider buying a house with foundation problems.  We'll raise it up, fix it, and make it beautiful!

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