Sheeflee can build your home or structure from start to finish.  We have the capacity to build multiple structures at once.  Using our prefab construction techniques, we can do this quickly and efficiently.  For example, at Emerson Commons, we managed the entire $11m project including design, sitework and construction. We also have experience in craft, customized stick-built homes.  


Flooring is a Sheeflee focus.  These are examples of hardwood, PVC, cork and manufactured wood floors we have installed.

Home Renovations

Sheeflee’s staff has many years experience in customized renovations of kitchens, basements, bathrooms and other parts of houses.  We also build decks.


Sheeflee’s licensed electricians are available for electric projects large and small.

Solar Power

As green builders, Sheeflee has certifications and experience installing solar.   Our 26-home Emerson Commons development will be the first all solar community in the state of Virginia.  We strongly recommend solar for your home and can advise you on low cost approaches.  There’s no longer any question that solar pays for itself.  


Our Work

Staffed by really smart people, Sheeflee excels in multi-faceted projects that require complex logistics.  We have built multi-unit and multiple buildings at once. We also enjoy small projects.  We respond quickly and communicate well.  Below are some of our core focus areas.