Homebuilding Process

Sheeflee follows a methodical process and leverages the latest technologies to make the homebuilding process easy for our customers.  We utilize CoConstruct to coordinate our projects and communicate with our clients and subcontractors.  See an outline of our process below. The first step is simple: Contact Us!

Contact Us!

Fill out this form, to let us know what you are looking for. We’ll get back to discuss by phone and prospectively set up a first meeting.

First Meeting

Let us get to know you and what is important to you in your home. Tell us more about your wants, needs, budget, timeframe and other building factors. This can be done in person or via webinar.

Financial Pre-Approval

Meet with a lender to obtain mortgage pre-approval. We can give advice and suggestions on lenders we have worked with. This step will help establish a budget and also allow you to potentially lock in financing as early as possible.

Site Selection and Inspection

When you have a potential building site, we will conduct a site inspection to confirm that it is suitable for modular construction. We consider many factors such as slope, utility availability, water, sewer septic access, required setbacks, and other requirements for the city or county. As a developer Sheeflee is highly experienced in these factors.

Concept Plan and Preliminary Pricing

Bring us your design ideas. We suggest basing a house design on an existing modular design such as here. Reusing or adapting one of our designs can achieve the highest cost savings. Architecture and engineering are a significant cost; possibly tens of thousands can be saved by working from existing architecture and engineering drawings. But if you have a new design that hasn’t yet been done modular, then we can work with that too. Based on your concept, we’ll get back with preliminary pricing.

Detailed design

If our preliminary pricing is in the right ballpark, we can proceed to more-detailed design and pricing. We will use state-of-the art 3D modeling tools to help you visualize. We will also get finish details from you regarding selections such as cabinetry, counters, flooring, fixtures and siding. We send these final specifications to the modular factory and to our subcontractors for final pricing and final design documents.

Review and Contract

We present you with an updated design plans and a contract. You make any needed last changes, and then we order the house!

Module Construction and Foundation

The modules are built in the factory in about 8 weeks. In the meantime, we prepare the site and build the foundation and basement if applicable.

Crane Day

Setting the house on its foundation usually takes one day. Grab your hardhat and watch your home find it's final resting place.

Button Up Work

An advantage of modular is that the home is nearly complete at delivery. However, each home will have a number of elements that Sheeflee will construct. This may include porches, garages and roof. It will always include electrical utility hookup, HVAC, interior patchwork and paint touchups, exterior siding and roofing. Depending on your design, Sheeflee may take care of larger parts of your interior such as the tiling, flooring and kitchens. As soon as the home is safe and ready for you to visit, we will have a walkthrough review with you to catch any changes you might find necessary. There are sometimes items like lighting, outlets or other details that aren’t obvious from the plans which might need to be changed. There will also be several city or county inspections during the process, including the Certificate of Occupancy inspection. This Button Up process will take about two months, more or less, depending on how much your design allowed in the factory.


When the work is complete, we will conduct a final walk-through of the home with you. The purpose of this meeting is for you to ask questions and allow for us to resolve any remaining issues. Your bank may also require an inspection. After this, your home is ready for you to move in!