Build a modular townhome

At our Emerson Commons ecovillage, we are building up rather than sprawling out. Clustering houses creates more space for common areas. Building up also
allowed us to create rooftop terraces with mountain views.


Project Profile: 858 Stargazer Lane, Crozet VA

Building the House

Modular building saves money while also increasing quality due to factory controls compared to traditional methods. The basement for 858 Stargazer and its neighboring units are prefab insulated
concrete, delivered from North Carolina and assembled onsite in less than a day. The upper floors floors are modules from from Professional Building Systems in Pennsylvania and stacked atop the basement in a few days. Modules contained the completed kitchen, bathrooms, lights, and even painted walls. Sheeflee then finished the flooring, attic, basement and other details onsite. Click below to see images of the construction.

The final product

Click below to see images of the final product, including the rooftop terrace with view of the
mountains and neighborhood below. Note the high quality of craftsmanship. The buyer is an
artist and Sheeflee installed a system of pulleys for her art in the attic-level loft, which will
become her studio. We used large casement windows which are more energy efficient than
traditional and also let more light into this middle unit.

The floor plan

See the floor plan for the top three levels here. The basement has the same footprint. Click below to see the full plan.