Build a backyard cottage or ADU

Need a separate in-law suite, vacation or long-term rental, or just more space for your family?  Consider calling Sheeflee to create an additional dwelling unit on your property, such as a backyard cottage or tiny home.


Project Profile: Solar Cottage, Charlottesville VA

The plans

G and K had a goal of supplying their primary house with electricity derived from solar power. They wanted to strategically use their .38 acres of land.  Their solution was to create a 28 foot by 14 foot, mono-pitched cottage away from the main house at a sunny spot. Once complete, part of the space will be used as storage and a workshop and the other, larger part will be equipped with a bathroom, kitchenette, and loft.

Building the cottage

The process for building G and K's solar cottage was similar to stick-building a custom, single-family home but on a much smaller scale. Once the framing was complete, a local solar expert installed 30 solar panels on the roof. Electricity, sewer, and water were connected to the main home's services and the rest of construction was underway.

Future uses

Because the primary use for G and K's cottage is to supply solar power to their main home, they have divided this project into two phases. Phase one includes having the cottage framed, plumbing, electricity, and water roughed-in (but not finalized), and solar panels functioning. For phase two they plan to complete the interior and start hosting guests and vacation rental tenants.