Adding two floors above a ranch house 

Sheeflee excels in creative renovations that add space.  Click on the images below to see how we are converting a small ranch house near the University of Virginia to an above / below duplex.


Project Profile: 2228 Center Avenue, Charlottesville VA

The original ranch house

This 1950s ranch house, within walking distance of the University, was formerly a student rental with water and mold problems.

Added two floors above, with one hidden in the attic

Rather than tear it down and rebuild, Sheeflee took a more creative approach. We added two levels and expanded it to 8 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. The spacious attic level is only visible from the back as a dormer.  Inside are cathedral ceilings and attractive modern finishes.  Click below to see pictures of the final result.

The Plans

Here are floor plans and elevations: